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Time Team: Series 17, 2010 - Click on the links below for the different programmes.
Corridors of Power - Westminster Abbey
A Saintly Site - Baliscate, Isle of Mull
Bridge over the River Tees - Piercebridge
Halls of a Saxon King - Sutton Courtenay
Massacre in the Cellar - Hopton Castle
Potted History - Cunetio
Death & Dominoes - Norman Cross
Something for the Weekend - Tregruk Castle
Priory Engagement - Burford
Governor's Green - Portsmouth
There's a Villa here somewhere.. - Litlington
Commanding Heights - Dinmore Hill
Rooting for the Romans - Bedford Purlieus

Halls of a Saxon King - Sutton Courtenay

In this week's show Tony and the Team investigate a set of buildings once occupied by Anglo Saxon royalty.

It's the rarest of archaeological sites and uncovers the biggest Saxon building ever discovered in Britain. Aerial photography of an apparently featureless Oxfordshire field revealed crop marks that suggested to archaeologists it was once the site of an impressive collection of 1,400-year-old buildings; but the Team's expertise was needed to verify this.

The trenches are big and the archaeology complicated but slowly the Team begin to build up a picture of life here over 1,000 years ago, with the help of heroic Saxon poetry.

As well as stunning finds and the perplexing possibility that they have uncovered an Anglo Saxon totem pole, the archaeologists also discover a culture where heroism, story telling and drinking go hand in hand, and learn the finer points of how to insult your colleagues in Old English.
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