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Time Team: Series 17, 2010 - Click on the links below for the different programmes.
Corridors of Power - Westminster Abbey
A Saintly Site - Baliscate, Isle of Mull
Bridge over the River Tees - Piercebridge
Halls of a Saxon King - Sutton Courtenay
Massacre in the Cellar - Hopton Castle
Potted History - Cunetio
Death & Dominoes - Norman Cross
Something for the Weekend - Tregruk Castle
Priory Engagement - Burford
Governor's Green - Portsmouth
There's a Villa here somewhere.. - Litlington
Commanding Heights - Dinmore Hill
Rooting for the Romans - Bedford Purlieus

Something for the Weekend - Tregruk Castle

This week Tony and the Team find themselves lost in the mists of a Welsh forest as they investigate one of the biggest castles in Britain.

Their task is to investigate the castle's mysterious interior and find out how this impressive structure fitted into a network of fortresses built by powerful English barons 700 years ago.

As the fog clears and the trenches deepen, it becomes apparent that this is unlike any castle ever investigated.
A tough task in just three days...
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